The World's First Precision Golf Marker

The Sweet Spot Marker is the worlds first golf marker that guarantees precise replacement of a lifted or moved ball.

Sweet Spot Marker

The Sweet Spot Marker Difference

This unique golf marker was designed using a geometric measuring process known as trilateration.  This is a geometric process that determines the absolute location by using the measurement of distance between three points of reference. 

How to Use the Sweet Spot Marker

A player slides the Sweet Spot maker next to the ball, using parallel arms, and a center tip as the three points of reference, this patent pending design ensures the ball is precisely marked before it is moved. 

Sweet Spot Marker During Course Play

Whether you are a professional golfer, amateur golfer, beginner, or somewhere in between; practicing your game is essential to lowering your overall score.  PGA rules require that you replace a ball in the EXACT location it was moved from. Using this marker during all play will build the habit of precisely marking the ball every time.  Therefore, when it counts you only have to focus on making that perfect putt and not remembering the spot where the ball was. 

The Sweet Spot Marker 4-in-1 Tool

Precision Golf Marker

Sweet Spot Marker 4-in-1 tool - Golf Marker

Course Play

The Sweet Spot Marker 4-in-1 tool is placed against the ball, and marks the exact location of the ball before it is moved.

Putting Alignment

Golf Marker Alignment

Course Play

The unique design allows the marker to be used from any angle which allows a player to create a virtual alignment track for the next putt. 

Square Putter Face

Golf Marker Square Putter Face

Practice Play

A player can use the edge of the 4-in-1 marker as a reference for the putter’s alignment.  Once the putter head is perfectly squared up to the ball the player can identify the correct hand and grip position, by memory or maybe marking the club in some way to help him/her remember where their hands go by touch.  The more the player starts putting with the correct grip the more the player will build muscle memory for a squared-up putt.

Sand Shot Visual Aid

Golf Marker Sand Shot Visual Aid

Practice Play

The player can place the marker next to the ball, and practice hitting just behind the marker in order to visualize the correct spot to hit out of a sand trap. With this practice technique, the player would not hit the marker itself but scoop the sand, the marker, and the ball. This will help build the correct technique for getting out of a sand trap.  

Sweet Spot Golf Marker in Action

With precision geometric measurement, the Sweet Spot Marker is the must have golf marker for any golfer. 

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