About Us

Sweet Spot Marker President

Jean is a retired civil servant and is married to a Vietnam Veteran. Her husband loves the game of golf.  It was his idea that lead to the Sweet Spot Marker.  Jean is our inspiration and our guiding light. 

Sweet Spot Marker Chief Executive Officer

TJ is a military veteran who got his degree in business from the University of Maryland University College. He also a certified project manager.  His has five children, and lives with his wife on the East Coast. 

Our Company

Our company was founded because of the love of golf.  The two founding principals, TJ and Jean, along with Jean's  husband as the resident golf adviser set out to create a marker that can simply and accurately mark where a golf ball was lifted or moved from.  This is to avoid stroke penalties or loss of hole in match play. The Sweet Spot Marker  and Sweet Spot Marker 4-in-1 tool were born.